Nepal: Officially, this country is called the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal. Being located in the heart of the Himalayan mountains and having no access to the sea, Nepal can’t be called a destination without tourist potential. It has as many neighbors as China and India.


Bhutan is also a landlocked country, but this is not an impediment to the country’s tourism development. It is also bordering with India and China, being surrounded mostly by the magnificent Tibet.


Tibet Autonomous Region, which is part of the People’s Republic of China, is a desirable destination for many tourists, but which has numerous restrictions on foreign travel. Being renowned for its Everest Base Camp, Tibet has prepared unforgettable experiences for every tourist. Tibet Lhasa’s capital airport meets thousands of visitors every day.


Required Permits and Visas


Tibet: To reach this destination, every tourist needs a Chinese visa and a Tibet Travel Permit issued by the Tibetan Tourist Office. As mentioned above, Tibet has significantly restricted traveling activities to this destination. For this reason, as a foreign tourist, you will need a guided tour and a private vehicle. Of course, all these details are handled by the travel agency. The advice is to contact the agency 6 months before traveling.


Bhutan: Bhutan has fewer restrictions compared to Tibet. Tourists must be part of a guided tour and be in possession of a visa that is issued by Tibet Vista 3-4 weeks before departure. Don’t forget that you will also need an entry visa in Nepal and China.


Nepal: For this destination, visas can be obtained even on arrival at Tribhuvan International Airport, from the embassy or on